Battlefield 2 global score not updating

17-Aug-2017 13:48

The number one change is that squad leaders are now able to place the commander assets.This gives the commander much more flexibility in placement and allows him to concentrate on the battle as a whole, acting less like a construction foreman and more as a battlefield commander!Please behave in a mature manner, don't be surprised if you get banned.No Cheat/Hacks No Exploits or Glitches No Abusive or Racial Comments Be Respectful to our Staff We are wiping every Thursday after update!

The Battleracer DPV also makes a cameo - the boost on this car allows you to build racetracks with massive loops and other cool things. [quote]AIX description: "Allied Intent Xtended is the most feature rich single player experience there is for Battlefield 2.

[b]General content[/b] M-125 mortar added M-163 added Shilka added [b] Coop/Singleplayer[/b] Removed team lock settings on all single player and coop map versions.

this should fix most of the crashes in sp/coop mode [b]Levels[/b] placed new vehicles (”ZSU 23-4 Shilka”, “M163 Vulcan AA”) on various map locations highway tampa updated with the m163 and shilka Burning Oilfields updated with m163 and shilka eastings updated, the new maps files from junglist were added | 1.11 GB below!

Building upon the great Allied Intent Mod, AIX aims to deliver an amazing array of content which is 100% bot compatible for use in single player and coop gamemodes.

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With a sea of multiplayer only or partial sp mini-mods out there, AIX's main focus has always been about creating the best experience for single player that we possibly could due to the original game falling quite short in this department.A commander will now have to think a bit more about logistics when attacking an enemy.